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MarieBraids is an African hair braiding salon. We have been around for a while and our founder has been in the professional hairstylist business for ten years. We have a philosophy that we’re not afraid to say out loud “love your hair, love yourself”. We don’t only love to say it; we live by this philosophy when it comes to hair. MarieBraids gives you nothing but the best offer out there.

San diego • since 2019


Our black-owned business is located in Chula Vista. We offer top quality services at affordable prices. We also offer several hair products at our shop that are perfect for different hair types and needs. Also, you can check out our blog, it contains a lot of informative content that you will find very useful on how to treat and take care of your hair.


Choose from over a dozen types of hair braiding styles for your precious hair and let us work our magic.


At MarieBraids you can rest assured that your hair would be properly taken care of with the right products when you patronize us, bringing out that extra shine and elegance.


We have the best professionals that would give you the hairstyle of your dreams in the friendliest environment; no judgments, and with 100% of our attention dedicated to you, we offer some of the finest braiding services around.

hair braidings
hair braidings

Senegalese Twists

This is also called Rope twists. Its protective qualities are second to none, and thus it one of the most commonly used hairstyles among people with natural hair.

hair braidings

Kinky Twists

These are arguably the most unique version out of all the twists. It is relatively simpler to make. This version is done by braiding your hair at least one inch from your scalp before you put any other extension.

If you browse through the services we offer, you will find that we offer a vast number and varieties of services. From twists to crochets, and from braids to sew-ins, we offer varieties of top-notch services that equally step up your beauty and elegance. MarieBraids is a black-owned business and we have a handful of professional braiding stylists that would give you your money’s worth and more.

hair braidings

Passion Twists

Have you ever wondered what would come out of combining Senegalese twists with goddess locs? The result would be passion twists. They are new, trendy, and give a “boho” look. It costs $220 for the bra strap length and $280 for the waist length.

hair braidings

Bohemian Twists

These are traditional twists that have something else to them, which is the addition of curly crochet hair. It is durable, lasts longer, and is a trendy look.

hair braidings

Micro Braids

These are the smallest types of braids and require a lengthy amount of time to fix. When fixed, it has proven to be very protective and durable. It is best for those with fizzy hair, its unique features make you stand out.

hair braidings

Single Small Braids

These forms of braids are the most fundamental forms of braids out there. However, it is not easy to make. It requires skill, patience, and carefulness. At MarieBraids, we offer you the thinnest small braid you could possibly find, that would be a great help in keeping your other extensions fastened.


We care about your hair a lot. We know how easy it is to fall prey to a lot of fake tips and hacks online in a bid to get fast and quick results. We are here to debunk common myths and misconceptions about natural hair, instead of teaching you the correct way to care for your hair. Additionally, we have several hair tutorials about styling that you can try out yourself.


Asides from giving you quality hair, we also have many hair products in our shop that you might need before and after you make your hair. Shop now and get the best products specially recommended by us.

hair braidings

San Diego • since 2019

MarieBraids offer you lots of amazing services, each of them different but equally astonishing hairstyles. Look through the various services we offer and make your choice. Whatever your choice is, you are assured of nothing but top quality.

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We would love to hear from you. We have gained a lot of positive feedback and we would love to hear how our hair worked wonders for your confidence. We are also interested in hearing your helpful suggestions and ecstatic about implementing your changes to serve you better. Contact us via our email or phone number.

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