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Affordable services under $150

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At Mariebraids, we are 100% interested and skilled in making your hair look glamorously plaited and styled. We offer different services and have various options for you to pick from our catalog. Therefore, we will be discussing some of the affordable services you can get for less than $150 at our salon. Do follow through.

1.     Weave Shampoo: 

You can shampoo your sew-in weave for just $50. This process entails gently massaging shampoo into the weave before or after installation.

2.     Take Down + Touch Up ($100): 

You can take down the prior color you have in your hair and touch it up with a new one at our salon.

3.     Spider Braids ($100):

This is a new parting style for your box braid. Straight and diagonal lines that intersect are how the spider is cut, giving it a spider-like pattern.

4.     Shampoo: 

For $25, you can shampoo your hair here and blow-dry it too after washing. Book an appointment now.

5.     Relaxing: 

You can straighten your hair just by relaxing it. You pay $60 for the total package when you relax your hair with us.

6.     Nature Braids: 

This African-inspired braid can be done for $130. This hairdo bests maintain your hair’s beauty and its root health.

7.     Natural Twist: 

This hairstyle helps your hair set better and gives it more length. Depending on the style and mass of your hair, you can make this hairdo between the ranges of $90-150.

8.     Hair Take Down ($30):

Besides making your hair look beautiful, we can also take it down for you by properly detangling it.

9.     Goddess Braids: 

For $130, you can get thicker cornrows braided close to your scalp to help you stay chic.

10.    French Braids ($70):

Starting from the top-center with your natural hair, we can achieve this hairstyle you can rock on various occasions.

11.     Cornrows (Women) ($70 – $150):

This is a conventional and protective style of braids where they are neatly lined up in rows.

12.    Cornrows (Men) ($70 – $100):

Easy to manipulate and maintain, this makes it the best choice of hair for you.

13.     Cornrows (Kids) ($80 – $150):

This is a simple go-to hairstyle for your kids without worrying about stressing them.

14.     Bun Braids (Men) $50:

This is the perfect solution for men who aren’t interested in letting their plaits/braids hang loose.

15.  Box Braids without Adding Hair (Men) $100:

This is a protective style guys do with the lower part shaved and the upper part braided in box cuts.

16.   Blow-dry Service (without Shampoo) $15:

We are also skilled in blow-drying hairs to achieve whatever style you want. We have just the right dryer, nozzle, and other tools.

What are you waiting for? There are tons of amazing styles you can choose from without breaking the bank. Try us out now!

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